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Местонахождение золотых блоков в LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4

Местонахождение золотых блоков в LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4

24 bricks are given for completing each of the levels within the game in story mode.
24 bricks are given for achieving true wizard in each of the levels.
24 bricks are given for completing the house crest each of the levels.
50 bricks are given to you for each of the students in peril that you find. (24 in levels, 26 around Hogwarts).
10 bricks are given for completing the bonus levels in Gringotts bank.
12 bricks can be bought from Eyelops Owl Emporium in Diagon Alley.
4 bricks are found in the Leaky Cauldron basement by building the models.
15 bricks are given to you for completing lessons in story mode.
37 bricks can be found while free-roaming around Hogwarts.

# Lesson
1 Unlock Wingardium Leviosa (Charms, Yr1)
2 Unlock Lumos (Charms, Yr1)
3 Unlock Strength Potion (Potions, Yr1)
4 Unlock Lumos Solem (Herbology, Yr1)
5 Unlock Broomstick Flying (Flying lessons, Yr1)
6 Unlock Mandrake Handling (Herbology, Yr2)
7 Unlock Immobilus (DADA, Yr2)
8 Unlock Expeliarmus (Dueling Club, Yr2)
9 Unlock Polyjuice Potion (Potions, Yr2)
10 Unlock Riddikulus (DADA, Yr3)
11 Complete Divination (Find the 3 large cups, Yr3)
12 Unlock Buckbeak Handling (Care of Magical Creatures, Yr3)
13 Unlock Expecto Patronum (DADA, Yr3)
14 Unlock Aging Potion (Potions, Yr4)
15 Unlock Reducto (DADA, Yr4)

There are another 37 bricks that must be found while free-roaming around the school. The table below will show you where they are and how to get them.
  • # Location How to get
  • 1 Gryffindor Boy’s Dormitory Hit each of the four poster beds with magic so their tops fly off and the brick will appear over one of the beds, which you can jump on to reach the brick.
  • 2 Common Room Corridor Hit 5 house flags hanging on the wall with magic for the brick to appear.
  • 3 Entrance Hall Hit 6 floating candles around the room with magic.
  • 4 Great Hall Corridor Unfold 4 house banners with magic, 2 either side of the entrance to the great hall, 2 either side of the stairs.
  • 5 Bathroom Corridor When you have Reducto, use it to break the pipes upstairs. You will find beyond it, a maze on the wall with a small object in the bottom left corner. You must navigate the ball through the maze, then hit it with magic when it is free. This will turn it into a snail that will crawl up the wall, leaving the brick behind it.
  • 6 Poitions (Room 2) To get this brick you will need to follow several steps and have a couple of characters unlocked. First you need to open the gate on the right side of the room with 3 green keys. The first can be gained by using Polyjuice potion to turn into a Hufflepuff character tyo get the key from the portrait. For the third key, you will need to use Wingardium Leviosa on the left hand gargoyle behind the giant snake statue. This will give you some blocks which you can build into a Griphook safe. Change into griphook and turn the lock until the key drops down. When the gate is open, build the bricks that were behind it, so you can climb up to the ledge on the left. You will then need to go up there with an adult character so you can cross the age line and get the brick.
  • 7 Classroom Hallway Between the two Defence Against the Dark Arts classrooms, there is a giant H on the wall and some blocks on the floor in front of it. Use Wingardium Leviosa to place those blocks into the H and a silver crest will be revealed. Break the crest with Reducto to reveal an animal run. You will need to move a piece into place with Wingardium Leviosa, then move an animal through the run to break the chain in the top left hand corner.
  • 8 Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom (Left) Break 7 silver object listed below.
  • Near the rune cabinet, held up by a pixie
  • In the rune cabinet
  • In a blue cage on the right side of the room
  • Smash the wall beside the blue case
  • Held by another pixie, next to the blackboard
  • On the floor in the middle of the room
  • Being held by a Devil’s Snare plant on the left hand wall
  • 9 Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom (Right) Enter the secret area by using dark magic on the gate under the stairs. Cross the room by removing the pixies, then go down the stairs and double back on yourself, clearing more pixies as you go. When you reach the door at the other end, you will find two more pixies, each holding a column. Get rid of both of these and a statue will fall down with the brick.
  • 10 Transfiguration (Room 1) To get this brick you must complete Transfiguration. To do this, each character in turn, must walk into the specified area and change two dummies into animals. When all three characters have changed two dummies each, the brick will unlock.
  • 11 Transfiguration (Room 2) To complete this task, and get the brick, you need to change three dummies in each track into animals. When three animals have gone into each cage the brick will appear. If you allow a dummy to cross the line at the end of the track without being transfigured, the count on that cage will be reset. You do not need to do this for each character you are controlling, as you did in the last room.
  • 12 Clocktower Courtyard Use dark magic to destroy the dummy to the left of the pendulum, then jump on the broom and fly around collecting groups of gold and blue studs as they appear. You need to collect all five studs in one group, before the next one will appear. When all the studs are collected, the brick will appear.
  • 13 Clocktower Get up onto the ledge above and hit the portrait on the right hand wall. This will give you a purple cog, which you need to place on the wall next to the portrait. Now go the the left hand wall and use a Parceltongue (such as Harry or Voldermort), to interact with the snake on the wall. After a tiny cutscene you will see the brick.
  • 14 Clocktower (Time Turner) You must get up to the ledge above and find the portrait on the left hand side, Hit it with magic and some lego bricks will become available to you. Now go to the right and open the rune cabinet for some green bricks. Build the bricks into hands for the large clock, then use Wingardium Leviosa. One of the other characters will move the other hand (or player 2 if you are in coop). Hold them into position until both hands are pointing to a small coloured square that matches them.
  • 15 Owlrey Go upstairs where you will find a portrait on the left hand wall and a small pink feather near it. Use Wingardium Leviosa on the feather which will result in you getting some bricks. Build them up and you will find the brick.
  • 16 Owlrey (Time Turner) On the right hand side of the room, downstairs, you will find three small brown parcels on the floor. Each parcel has a small amount of colour to it, red, green and blue. You need to place the parcels in the correct Owl hole above it for the brick.
  • 17 Flying Practice In the middle of the field is a large chest. Hit it with Reducto to break the lock and some hoops will fly out. Jump on a broom and fly through each hoop to reveal the brick.
  • 18 Herbology Greenhouse If you look above the earmuff cupboard you can see the brick. Jump onto the potted plant beside the cupboard, then jump onto the cupboard and you can reach the brick.
  • 19 The Grounds When you leave the castle and head outside (where you find Hargid’s hut), you can find three large grey stones that need to be raised and cleaned for hte brick. The first is covered with Devil’s Snare so you need to use Lumos to free it. With that done, use WIngardium LEviosa to move it into place, where you will find a broom in front of it. Use this to clean the muck of it. The second rock will need to be hit by a spell to free away the rubble around it, then raised and cleaned. The final rock has just fallen over, so lift it into place and clean it for the brick.
  • 20 The Lake When you first come down the stairs you will see a fishing rod on the ground. Use Wingardium Leviosa to reel in some bricks, then build them into some frogs. When the frogs jump into the water you will see some plants come up. Jump onto a frog and swim through the plants as they appear. The brick will be given to you when you complete the race.
  • 21 Hagrid’s Garden This brick is quite involved. You will need to build a giant salt shaker to deal with the slugs that Ron keeps burping up. To start with, use Wingardium Leviosa on the cauldron in front of you. Next, have an animal dig on the spot in the top right hand corner of the garden to uncover some more pieces of the salt shaker. Next, destroy the three pumpkins at the back of the garden to reveal a small seed. Plant it and use Wingardium Leviosa on the watering can nearby to find more pieces. To find another piece, go the right side of the garden and find the mole. Hit it with a spell and it will move to another spot. Keep hitting it until you get a piece of the shaker. Now, find the picnic basket on the right and hit it to lay a blanket down. Now use magic on the basket again and you will find more of the shaker. Finally, build the shaker up and you will get the gold brick.
  • 22 Hagrid’s Garden (Time Turner) For this brick you will have to hatch Norbert from his egg. Start by using an animal to dig on the spot next to where Hagrid starts and you will find a scarecrow’s head. Use Wingardium Leviosa to place it on the scarecrow. Dig up the ground just in front of the scarecrow and destroy the pumpkins you uncover, then build the lever they leave behind. Pull the lever and the scarecrow will go nuts, destroying stuff as it goes. Build what is left behind, then use Wingardium Leviosa to place the egg into what you built.
  • 23 Quidditch Pitch Use the bench in front of the tent to climb up on top of it. Go to the left side of the tent and use Wingardium Leviosa to release the quaffle (red ball). This will slide down and reveal the brick.
  • 24 Quidditch Pitch (Time Turner) Use an animal on the dig spot next to the bandstand. Build the bricks that came out of it into a podium and find the book leaning against the bandstand. Use Wingardium Leviosa to place the book onto the podium, then use it again on the book to make the instruments jiggle. Keep casting until the brick appears.
  • 25 The Library (Room 2 The Restricted Section) You need to find and hit, 3 brown wizard hats. The first one, you can get form some pixies in the left hand corner. Get rid of them and you will see the hat. To reach the second one, use the yellow book on near the door to get up to the ledge above and it is resting on the railing. Before you jump down, grab some earmuffs out of the cupboard then drop down and go under the opposite ledge on the right side of the room. Find a red book on the shelf and hit it with magic to knock it down. Use Wingardium Leviosa to tip out it’s contents then dig up what it leaves to create a ladder. Go up and place the Mandrake into it’s pot, then you can hit the last brown hat on the left hand bookshelf.
  • 26 Charms Classroom (Right) Enter the secret area below the classroom by using the Griphook safe to open a hatch in the floor. Walk left slightly and light your wand with Lumos. here you will see some grates on the floor. If you walk directly over one you will be knocked down and have to start again. Walk between the grates and you will come to a point where mechanical animals keep sliding into your path. You need to get through these and enter the room beyond them. In this new room, use Lumos to remove the Devil’s Snare holding the chain on the right of the exit. When you do this it will switch to the other side. Use Lumos again and you will get the brick.
  • 27 Charms Classroom (Left) Use Reducto on the large padlock on the floor to enter a secret area. Walk forward a short distance until you find two large white balls. Break both open and use Wingardium Leviosa to move the pieces onto the dragon where they belong. Jump onto the dragons head and it will throw you back up to the room above and you will get the brick.
  • 28 Great Hall Along the five tables there are six jugs of pumpkin juice, each with two goblets. Hit all six and the brick will appear. To get the brick you need to go to the far end of the four long tables and find a stack of plates on three of the four tables. Hit each one and they will form three platforms for you to reach the brick.
  • 29 Grand Staircase At the base of the staircase, find the portrait of a quidditch player holding a quaffle. Hit it with a spell and the ball will move off to another portrait. keep going up the stairs and just past the muggle studies classroom you will find another quidditch portrait. Hit that one and the ball will move off again. head back down two flights of stairs where a third quidditch player has the ball. Hit him and it will fly all the way to the top of the stairs. Go all the way to the top and you can pick up the brick.
  • 30 Dumbledore’s Office Walk to the centre of the room and find the locked chest. Hit the padlock with Reducto and you can get the brick.
  • 31 Muggle Studies For this brick, you will need to find three rabbits to get the car running. The first can be found in the TV on the right. Hit it four times with a spell and the rabbit will pop out. To get the second one, go the right and find a portrait next to the door. Hit it and a letter will pop out. Put the letter in the post box next to it and the rabbit will come out of that. The final bunny is beside the post box. You will find three pieces of furniture that you can stack onto the purple floor. Use that to jump up onto the bookshelf and hit the box on top of it. When the final rabbit is out, the car will leave and the brick will be left behind.
  • 32 Gryffindor Boy’s Dormitory (Time Turner) Open the chest beside the bed on the left and jump in it to get the brick.
  • 33 Ravenclaw Common Room You need to find 5 Yellow books and hit each one with magic. The first one is bouncing up and down near the kid asleep on the sofa. Hit the thing it is bouncing on, then you can use Wingardium Leviosa to put it back on the shelf. When it is on the shelf, hit it with a spell. To the right of the last one you can see a small box jumping around a little. Hit it with magic and you will then be able to put that book back so you can hit it with a spell. A third book can be found already sitting on the shelves. Go into the next room and hit the second bed hit the second bed you come to. This will fly off meaning you can hit the book. Do the same with the last book in the row, but hit the book while the bed is floating. The brick will appear back in the common room for you to collect.
  • 34 Hufflepuff Common Room As soon as you enter through the fruit portrait, you will see a silver padlock beside you. Hit it with Reducto, then use WIngardium Leviosa to give the cake to the portrait above it.
  • 35 Slytherin Dormitory Look for the black trunk at the foot of the second bed on the left. Hit that and the water in the middle of the room will start to bubble. When the students jump in the brick will appear.
  • 36 Eyelops Owl Emporium (Diagon Alley) Destroy the cage next to the row of owls at the back of the shop. Build the pieces into a sweeper ride-along and jump on it. Move around the room and sweep up all the owl droppings on the floor to get the brick. some people can struggle with this one. If you do, look at the floor closely and see if you have missed some. Most often people miss some by the door.
  • 37 Borgin & Burkes (Knockturn Alley) As soon as you enter the shop, jump behind the counter next to the door and the brick is behind there.


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